Baterie pentru scuter, 36 V, 2.4 ah, pentru Giroscop, 10s2p, 20 Buc, cu PCB baterie cu litiu,

217.31lei 165.15lei

Etichete: 10s2p baterie, 36v 9ah baterie cu litiu, gt autocolant, 18650 5s2p, fr4 pcb, honghao s12, 10S2P, 60v 1000w baterie cu litiu, bnc pcb, gt line.

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  • Nume De Brand: GT

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  • Rosita0885  — 

    I thought that Samsung. But it turned out to be another brand. It was written, but I didn't see it. About BMS I can not say did not disassemble. But when it is on charging it is very hot, which is very bad. I think that there is no temperature control when charging, and maybe there is no BMS, I will not lie, just an assumption. But 5 days works without complaints that Next will be not ........

  • Romanmalkin23  — 

    The product is different from the one on the order page. The battery with "Samsung" logo is listed, the weight is different from the specified one, less by 100 grams, scales on the Russian Post do not deceive, accordingly there will be less capacity. Not original for the price of the original!!!