GTMEDIA D2 Portabil Radio FM, DAB stereo/ RDS Multi Band Difuzor Radio cu Display LCD Ceas cu Alarmă Suport Micro SD TF Card

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  • Nume De Brand: GT MASS-MEDIA
  • Funcția: Built-In Difuzor
  • Tip: FM
  • Stil: Portabil

1.DAB ETST 300 401 standard conforme,

2.2.4 inch TFT-LCD display color,

3.Suport Ceas/Alarma/Timer Sleep cu rezervă de timp

4.Suport Bluetooth\TF card digital player.

5.Suport FM/DAB înregistrare de zi cu zi pentru card TF

6. Suport tehnic site-ul :

Pachetul inclus:

- 1 x GTmedia D2

- 1 x Manual de Utilizare

- 1 x USB Protecție cablu Pentru Alimentare

- 1 x Căști de Protecție cablu Pentru Alimentare

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  • Carmennavas1977  — 

    Hi all, gtmedia D2 radio receiver bought 28.08.2020 came to my mail in the Moscow region. 28.09.2020G. Got the radio 29.09.2020 got to me in 32 days. And then for our Russian mail because they did not immediately open a bag of parcels and I called them so that they would open the bag of parcels and give me out but they refused me to give out the goods. And in general, the radio receiver reached me in Russia for a long time. And so the seller is very wonderful words just no I'm grateful to him for everything, for my request that he performed it on a firm 5 ***** I can advise you this seller without cheating seller gave me a legal track number that is fully tracked all the way, The radio itself is good-looking sorry just no Russian pagan menu, and the antenna is not 360 degrees around its axis separate button on file removal, it is a pity that it makes the recording in VAF format and not MP3 small memory micro USB only at 32 giga suitable A large volume does not fit at least 64 gigs.

  • Zelenaya Sobaka  — 

    very fast, nice product